Hi All,

Please note that starting from November 1, except for exempted persons, all members of the public will be required to use the “LeaveHomeSafe” app to scan the venue QR code before they are allowed to enter LCSD venues.

Please ensure you have these available for coming training at ABN Ground or other LCSD facilities.

  • ?Under the new arrangement, persons who are aged below 12 or aged 65 or above, and those with disabilities that render use of the app difficult, will be exempted from the requirement.
  • ?However, they are required to complete a record form to register their names, the first four digits or letters of their identification documents, their contact numbers and the date and time of their visits. They are also required to present relevant identification documents (such as HKID card, birth certificate, student handbook and etc.) for verification at the request of the staff on-site during registration. The staff will also verify the contact numbers by making phone calls.
  • ?If you have a normal workable spare phone, you can use for your child to scan the QR code via “LeaveHOmeSafe” App to enter the facilities.


  • ?十二歲以下和六十五歲或以上的人士,以及使用「安心出行」有困難的殘疾人士,在進入康文署體育處所時,可獲豁免使用「安心出行」。
  • ?惟上述獲豁免人士必須填寫表格登記其姓名、身分證明文件首四位數字或字母、聯絡電話和到訪日期和時間,並須於登記時按有關場地職員要求展示相關身分證明文件,以作核實,有關場地職員亦會致電核實聯絡電話。
  • ?兒童可出示證明文件包括香港身份證/出生證明書/簽證身份書 /回港證/前往港澳通行證 (正本或副本) /有效學生證/學生手冊正本或副本(需載有學生出生日期)以作核實。
  • ?如果有後備電話,又可正常運作的,是可替小孩作登記入場之用。


Message from Rugby Union

Rugby – Covid Update

Dear All,

After carefully reviewing the current Covid situation this morning, the HKRU Management and Board have agreed that in the interest of protecting the health of all in our community and in support of efforts to bring the case numbers back down, we will extend the suspension of rugby activities at all levels for a further week until next Monday 22nd March.

By next Monday we hope that improved circumstances will put us in a position to resume activities, and we can then pick up the return-to-play where we left off, and senior and youth leagues will be able to commence on Easter weekend, 3rd April.

If we are unable to resume activities next Monday, either due to a tightening of Government restrictions or further cases impacting the rugby community, we will formally cancel the senior leagues – this would not preclude social games etc once the environment allows.

Sorry to inform you that ABN will not have mini rugby training on coming Sunday 21/03/2020.


In response to the latest Covid outbreak has involved members of our rugby community, at both mini and senior level to date.

At this point, with a significant number of people waiting for test results, it’s too early to have a clear picture of how widely the cases have spread, so we have taken the decision to ask all clubs to suspend all activities from now up to and including Sunday (14/3).

On Monday (15/3) the union will review the situation and revert with a further update.

Sorry to inform you that NO TRAINING THIS SUNDAY (14/3).

At this stage, we are not aware and we have not been notified that any coaches, players and parents was infected or with close contact with any infected.

We would greatly appreciate if any of our member has been in close contact with any infected or if he/she is infected, please advise us immediately.