Playing Safely 安全守則

Rugby is a Game played by two teams which physically contest for the ball, within the Laws of the Game and in the Spirit of Fair Play, in order to score points. If you are completely new to Rugby, we recommend that you read the IRB Beginner’s Guide to Rugby Union, which you can download from:

Rugby is a sport for all which is proud of its values and remains true to them. The Game’s core values are:

  • INTEGRITY – Integrity is central to the fabric of the Game and is generated through honesty and fair play
  • PASSION – Rugby people have a passionate enthusiasm for the Game. Rugby generates excitement, emotional attachment and a sense of belonging to the global Rugby family
  • SOLIDARITY – Rugby provides a unifying spirit that leads to lifelong friendships, camaraderie, teamwork and loyalty which transcends cultural, geographic, political and religious differences
  • DISCIPLINE – Discipline is an integral part of the Game, both on and off the field, and is reflected through adherence to the Laws, the Regulations and Rugby’s core values
  • RESPECT – Respect for team mates, opponents, match officials and those involved in the Game is paramount




  • 誠信– 誠信是運動的中心思想,強調公平競技及誠實
  • 熱情– 欖球界的人對欖球都有無比的熱情,欖球是會令人產生情感、對全球欖球界的人形成歸屬感的運動
  • 團結-欖球有一種團結的力量,使參與者可以擁有長久的友誼、團隊精神及對國家文化、地區、政治、宗教有更大的忠誠。
  • 紀律-紀律是比賽重要的一環,不論場外場內,所有人都會以欖球的核心價值、規則為首要。
  • 尊重-於比賽場上,對隊員、對手、球證及其他賽事人員的尊重尤為重要

WHO is Rugby Ready aimed at?
The Rugby Ready resources are designed for all participants in the Game of Rugby: players, coaches, match officials, parents, spectators, volunteers and administrators.
所有Rugby Ready 的資源都專為欖球比賽的人而設,包括:運動員、教練、球證、家長、觀眾、義工及行政人員。
WHY is it necessary?
As Rugby is a contact sport, the welfare of all participants is paramount and is the responsibility of all involved. Good resources and face-to-face delivery assist the participant in the knowledge and application of good practice in all areas of participation in Rugby. Rugby Ready can either compliment existing resources or courses, and be integrated within those programmes, or can be used as a stand alone course or resource.
為何Rugby Ready如此重要?
欖球是一個經常需要身體接觸的運動,所以所有參與者的福利非常重要,亦是每一個人的責任。充足的資源及面對面的教授,有助參與者了解與欖球相關的資料及實際運作。Rugby Ready 既可補充現有課程、與其他課程合併,亦可獨立成課。
HOW does it work?
Rugby Ready aims to raise awareness by providing models of good practice, game context, key points for players, coaching tips, referee tips and a self-check test. The face-to-face courses are delivered by IRB Licensed Educators.
Rugby Ready 目的在於透過合適的訓練、比賽模式、重點培訓、教練、裁判指導、自我檢視等提升關注度。面對面的指導將由國際欖球理事會所肯定的教練。
Playing Safely 安全守則